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Pro Dark Green Nephrite Gua Sha Stone

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The Dark Green Nephrite Stone, is an original patent protected design by Cecily Braden, Gua Sha Educator and expert in the use of facial massage tools. The Dark Green Nephrite is a dense stone that glides like silk on the skin and effortlessly contours the natural geography of the skin, so you can seamlessly fuse together lymphatic drainage, connective tissue, facial contour & sculpting techniques.


Now there is luxury and then there is green nephrite luxury. The stone is just exquisite but what we really love about this is how light and elegant the shape is, so that when you glide this across the skin the fluid that needs to be moved glides so easily too. Another thing to mention is the three curves that really hug the cheeks especially around the cheek bones and also so fantastic to use on the lips to give a plumping effect. The teeth are wonderful to really move stagnation caught up in those fine lines. As well as helping to move oxygenated blood into these stubborn areas. This Gua Sha really is the very best of them.


  1. Begin by ensuring the skin has some “slip”. You can use the Gua Sha in the shower or bath using water, as part of your cleansing massaging over the cleanser, or after your skincare once any oils or serums have been applied. We recommend the Living Libations Best Skin Ever Oil.
  2. Begin by opening the neck using either the large curve or the smaller curve (whichever suits you better). Glide this down the neck starting from behind the ear using light pressure (the weight of the stone) and bring this down towards the collarbone. Repeat 5-10 times working around the neck.
  3. Warm up the lymph nodes by massaging the curved tip in circular motions on the inside of the ear for a few seconds and then sweep this down under the jaw. Repeat 3 times.
  4. Use the three curved edges starting with one touching the chin and the other two over the lips and glide up towards the ear making sure to hold the skin taut with the opposite hand. Repeat this 5-10 times
  5. Continue to move up the face until you get to the orbital bone and lightly glide the tip on the edge of the bone up towards the temple and watch the fluid move with the stone.
  6. Use the larger curve edge along from the centre of the forehead holding the skin taut in between the brows and sweep upwards (ironing out fine lines) towards the hairline. Repeat over the forehead 5-10 times.


  • Designed by Cccily Braden
  • Weight: 93.5g
  • Dimensions: 4.75 × 2.75 × .25 in
  • Origin: China


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