Our Promise.

 At Algorithum we carry with us three core values, these sit close to our hearts in everything we do.


...A Safe Space to Shop

We believe that our customers deserve a safe space to shop that is free from pressures and overwhelming content. At Algorithum we are real, authentic and we provide a space for you to shop beauty with a calmer and more considered approach. 

...Real Skin

We show real skin. All images and videos you see are not filtered, photoshopped or edited. That’s right...all uploaded straight from phones and cameras. We are about normalising skin texture, again ensuring that our consumers feel safe in the knowledge that there are no unrealistic expectations here. No false promises.

...Going Against the Grain

It is all about doing what works for you. Not what society expects of you, not following trends or jumping on the latest buzzword. We say it’s time to create your own Algorithum.  



Elisabeth Williamson, @elisa_lune

Co-Founder & Creative Director

I have been working in and around the beauty industry for just over a decade. Starting out as a beauty advisor, I discovered an innate curiosity for skin and the different ways in which people would approach their skincare as well as their makeup. I am naturally quite creative and love to experiment behind and in front of the camera. Having modelling in the past for various beauty brands I have learnt a lot about product representation and truly appreciate the beauty in real raw skin, without the filters. I am a trained Gua Sha facialist, and all about healing and nourishing the skin with a less is more approach to skincare and through practicing healthy skincare habits. Think radiant, natural, healthy and multi-purpose.



Rose Hobbs @feeling.rosy 

Co-Founder & Business Director

Thirty years old and battling hormonal acne on the regular, I have now made peace with my skin and I am not afraid to show it and discuss it. It was from these challenges that I discovered how makeup could completely transform the way I felt and empowered me to look within and understand that it is always confidence that will naturally shine through. With experience of working as a makeup artist, brow specialist, beauty advisor and a decade of teaching experience behind me, I am a very experienced communicator, especially when it comes to describing how to get the most out of makeup and skincare. Think dewy, fresh, minimal and simple. Oh and bushy brows always.