The Key To Happier Skin?

The Key To Happier Skin?

Is Gua Sha...


Running Algorithum has given us countless hours of satisfaction and happiness – and laughter – but there is of course a certain amount of stress that comes with running a business. So, during our moments of downtime we’ve been focusing on things we can do that affect our skin and how we feel in a positive way. Here co-founder Elisabeth breaks down why gua sha is her daily go-to, along with some of her favourite moves.


Gua sha is an old Chinese medicine that promotes qi (pronounced chee) that translates as ‘life force’ or ‘energy flow’. We use various gua sha tools to aid that life force by stimulating healthy, good circulation that brings oxygen into the blood, allowing it to flow to the face and promote lymphatic drainage. 

Elisabeth says this process is vital, as we all have toxins that build up in our bodies on a daily basis. Gua sha allows those toxins to move through the body in a safe way. She describes the process with a useful analogy:

“Imagine your skin is like a fishtank, with a pump attached to ensure oxygen is moving around inside and also a filter to get the bacteria out.

Now, imagine the pump is broken and you will begin to see a build-up of all that stagnation in the tank –that’s what happens in your skin. It’s only by improving the oxygen in your blood flow around the body that you will see healthy, more radiant skin.”

She says: “I love gua sha because once you understand why it works, it almost becomes like another form of exercise. Instead of working out or going for a run, you’re choosing to exercise your face, which in turn helps the skin to function better. I love nothing more than to put some music on and get to work. It’s definitely a form of daily meditation for me.”





There are so many skin benefits of gua sha; improving pigmentation, preventing hormonal breakouts, getting rid of bloating/puffiness, erasing fine lines and toning the skin, to name a few. Perhaps even more importantly, it’s also a very intuitive and relaxing process that can help calm the mind and get you ready for the challenges of the day. 


We all deserve regular breaks, whether working from home or home schooling, and taking five minutes out for gua sha can make a huge difference. Follow Elisabeth’s tips below to give your skin a treat.

1: Apply an oil or a serum that you love that has enough slip to it; my absolute favourite has to be Living Libations Seabuckthorn Best Skin Ever. Not only does it feel amazing on the skin thanks to being packed with fatty acids, it has the most beautiful, calming scent that really adds to the ritual. Just be sure that you only apply one or two pumps max, on damp skin. You want the gua sha to glide across the face, not slip all over the place.

2: Always begin with the neck. Whatever gua sha you have, you want to glide the tool up and down the neck. Start from behind the ear, and move inwards. Always maintain a 40-degree angle; the gua sha should never be perpendicular to the skin. If you don’t open up the neck, whatever you’re doing on the face has nowhere to go, so it’s important to start there. 

3: Move to the jaw; you’ll feel these little crunches as you glide along the jawline as this is where we hold a lot of tension – it’s actually quite satisfying. Glide the tool out towards the ear each time. 

4: Next, move up around the cheeks. Start from the inside around the lips, moving out towards the ear. 

5: Move on to the eyebrows – another place where we carry a lot of tension. Using the smaller edge of the gua sha, glide along on the brow bone and slide outwards.

6: Finally, focus on the forehead; it’s almost like you’re ironing out the tension. Be sure to hold the skin taut around the eyebrows, and use the largest edge of the gua sha to move upwards. When you’re finished, flush everything out and go back to the neck to ensure you’re moving that fluid. 

Repeat each movement 5-10 times to feel the best results. If you’re a complete newbie start with two or three times a week and see how you go.


gua sha if you want to improve how your skin feels and looks or you just want to unwind.

DON’T gua sha if you are unwell - just let your body focus on getting better.

DON’T gua sha is you’re experiencing an active breakout. Work around the area or wait until the skin is calmer before you start stimulating it again. 

DON’T be too rough on the skin! You want to look flushed, not red raw, so be careful not to drag the skin.

Want more? Head to the Algorithum Instagram or Elisabeth’s Instagram for more in-depth video tutorials that focus on using gua sha in different ways for more results.


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